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Grasim Industries Ltd
Grasim Industries Ltd is a conglomerate from AB Birla group, which has got presence in textiles, VSF and chemicals business, apart from holding a controlling interest in cements major UltraTech Cement Ltd, which manufactures grey and white cement. The company has a consolidated annual turnover of over Rs 5920 crore, with net profits of around Rs 1226 crore. Apart from being world’s largest producer of VSF, which commands a 21 per cent global market share, Grasim, is also the second largest producer of caustic soda (which is used in the production of VSF) in India.

Report Facts
Sales Turnover: Rs 5920 crore
EBIDTA: Rs 1085 crore
Net Worth: Rs 10121 crore
PAT: Rs 1226 crore
Business Lines: Conglomerate
Website: http://www.grasim.com/

Striking features of the report
The Sustainable Development Report of Grasim Industries is focussed around three critical dimensions followed by the company, which include People, Planet and Profits.The report is short in length and comprehensive in nature, which is easily understandable by readers. Not much emphasis is given on design, but the content covers all the areas. The company highlights that on the turnover front, it has made a growth of 20 times over the past 17 years in terms of revenue, and in terms of EBIDTA, it has shown a 19% CAGR over the past one decade.
In terms of CSR, the company moves forward with a consensus of chairman to look beyond the organization, for the welfare of the communities in which it operates. This is manifest in the various CSR projects that the company runs, providing the less fortunate strata of society with education, healthcare, sustainable livelihood and infrastructure support. In the section covering Planet aspect, the company highlights all the fresh measures taken in FY 13 to carry forward its efforts to protect environment, while continuing to grow by expanding. Some examples for same have been provided.
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