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Hindustan Unilever Ltd
Hindustan Unilver Ltd is an integrated multinational with presence across PAN India in all kinds of FMCG products. With over 35 brands catering to all FMCG categories such as soaps, detergents, shampoos, skin care, toothpastes, deodorants, cosmetics, tea, coffee, packaged foods, ice cream, and water purifiers, the Company is a part of the everyday life of millions of consumers across India. Its portfolio includes leading household brands such as Lux, Lifebuoy, Surf Excel, Fair & Lovely, Lakmé, Dove, Clinic Plus, Sunsilk, Pepsodent, Closeup etc. The company has a consolidated annual turnover of over Rs 28000 crore in India.

Report Facts
Sales Turnover: Rs 28172 crore
EBIDTA: Rs 4205 crore
Net Worth: Rs 2865 crore
PAT: Rs 3839 crore
Business Lines: FMCG
Website: http://www.hul.co.in/

Striking features of the report
The Sustainable Development Report of Hindustan Unilever Ltd for 2012 has carried forward its progress report towards the year 2020 made by company through its various FMCG products for daily habits leading to same. The same contains a letter delivered by CEO addressing the bold path adopted by the company to double its business, by promoting environment friendly FMCG products launched by the company, and driving mass population towards using the same. Apart from CEO letter, the company’s Sustainability Report carries highlights of the 2012, towards promoting sustainability and environment friendly products. These include another 12 million new customers in 2012 for HUL’s hand washing popular product Lifebuoy, taking the number of users to 47 million. Such a practice of using hand washing soap brings down the cases of diareoah. Apart from same, as a similar exercise, 45 million customers globally got the access of Pureit by the end of 2012, cleaned by RO process. Carbon dioxide emissions per tonne of production in India reduced 2 by 22%, water use by 29% and waste by 77% compared to 2008.
There were similar other environment friendly exercises, directed towards improving lifestyle of society, that were carried out company. The purpose of all such services promoted by company, is to create a better future every day. The Sustainability Report goes on to explain how the company will survive and strengthen with this business model, by promoting such products, and make profits out of same by larger volume.
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